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Application to Join

Welcome!  We are always looking for new members. You can download the application here. Your application and payment can then either be sent to Denver ApplePi c/o Elissa. Or just bring them to the next meeting you attend, we are happy to have you join. You can also come to the next meeting and fill our an application there. Thank you!

Denver Apple Pi is the oldest Apple computer user group in the Rocky Mountain area, having
served the needs of Apple computer users since 1977. Apple computers supported include
Apple II, Apple IIe, Apple IIgs, and all models of the Macintosh.

Three monthly meetings are scheduled:

  1. The Board Meeting for elected and appointed officers;
  2. The MAC SIG meeting for the Macintosh users (program oriented, and
  3. The Help SIG for member to bring their computers, questions and problems (non-structured).

The schedule of meetings is posted in each
monthly newsletter, “The Seed” and on our website or our Calendar Page.
Regular members have voting privileges, receive “The Seed” monthly, receive user group
discounts when offered on software, hardware and publications, and receive new member disks as
they become available. Membership dues are $15.00 per year for the Seed PDF in email and
$20/year for printed/mailed issues (full 12-month period). One membership includes all members
of the same family.
A member’s personal information is kept confidential. Information is never released to any third
party without the member’s permission. Please mail your check or money order with the bottom
half of this application to this address:

Denver Apple Pi
6501 Welch Court
Arvada, CO 80004-2223

or, you may turn in your dues and this application to any Officer at any regular meeting.
Questions? Call Elissa at 303-421-8714.

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